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How do I change my Shock absorbers on my HSP Buggy or Truck?

Very simply once you’ve done one!

Tools required:
1.5mm Hex driver or 1.5mm Allen Key.
Pair of thin nosed pliers or similar.

The Shocks are held in at the base with a long Grub screw and a tight push fit at the top.


1. Clean any dirt from around the grub screw area.

2. Using a 1.5mm Hex driver or Allen Key, undo the grub screw completly and remove it.

3. To release the Top of the shock, gently prise it off the the ball joint with a pair of thin pliers or similar. You may want to protect the surfaces by taping some paper to you pliers first. This will save scratching the finish of any anodised parts.

4. To fit the new one, fit the bottom end in first using the grub screw. Then pop the top end back onto the ball joint. Just a press fit.

5. Well done, you have just changed your Shock Absorber. 😉

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