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Calibrating the throttle on the XSTR PRO Buggy

If your XSTR PRO  is not running smoothly you should check the throttle range on the transmitter is in calibration with the Hobby Wing S10 Brushless ESC

Full instruction for doing this is supplied with the buggy but hare is a quick summary.

The throttle calibration  proceedure should be carried out if the buggy is not running smoothly in both directions and may also need doing after changing certain parameter settings in the ESC.


1.  On the transmitter check the throttle trim is set to midway.

2.  Chech the throttle reverse switch is set to “NORM” and the steering switch  to “REV” for this buggy.

3.  Turn on the transmitter.

4.  On the ESC hold down the small SET button. (with the power off)

5.  While holding the button, switch on the Buggy and as soon as you see the Red LED start flashing (1-2 seconds) release the button. (If you hold down the button too long the ESC will enter its parameter setting mode and you will need to start again)

6. With the Red LED flashing, the ESC is now waiting for the neutral position to be stored so press the button once to do this.

7. Now the ESC is waiting for the full forward position, so pull the trigger on the transmitter fully toward you, then press the set button on the ESC once to store this position.

8.  Do do the same for full reverse. Push the trigger fully away from you and press the set button again on the ESC.

9.  Now turn off the Buggy.

10. Turn off the transmitter.

The thottle range in the ESC is now calibrated to your transmitter.

Power up again and check the direction is correct. If is not you will need to swap any two of the 3 motor connections and then do the above proceedure again.


The Hobbywing S10 brushless ESC


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